Bangtan Boys RWeL8? in Stockholm – An exclusive report

On July 29th of this year BTS took the stage at Fryshuset in central Stockholm and conducted a very successful concert with lots of music, laughter and fanservice in front of an audience of fans from all over Europe. Hallyu was granted an exclusive interview with the group and the right to record 2 of the songs from the concert. We combined this with pictures and interviews of fans into one exclusive report.

This is a gift from us to you as we celebrate 2 years as a magazine – to those who where there to reminisce about the experience, and to you who for some reason could not be there but wanted. It will never make up for the real deal, but it is one step closer.

With much love and thanks for these past two years.
Lets hope we have many more together
Hallyu editorial staff

Elin Törnqvist


Elin Törnqvist är Tidskriften Hallyus chefredaktör och en av grundarna.

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